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Let Letone contribute to global intelligent manufacture
Let Letone contribute to global intelligent manufacture
To be the leader in the global
fluid technology industry
Must-have success ability
Clients first
No excuses
100% responsibility
Inward thinking does not complain
Responsible for work results
Ask others, do it yourself first
Get things done for the first time
Have a sense of ownership
Stick to the promise
To promise others, you must do it
Go all out to achieve the set goals
Have the courage to take the consequences
Do things alone
Be strict with yourself and respect others
Benefit and love others, thanks for everything
Never false
Don't say fake big words
Have a basis for speaking and doing things
Being honest
Must-have success ability: Clients first
Keep improving
Make the product quality the first.High standards, strict requirements, continuous reflection and improvement.Bind the goal, never give up
Steady progress
Stabilize process technology and strengthen quality awareness.Material quality is not reduced for any reason.Continue to train the workforce and promote the craftsmanship
Continuous innovation
All employees meet early in the morning and afternoon, insist on 20 minutes of learning.Weekly process technology, management improvement seminar.Provide users with more than 3 times value.
Climbing the peak
The pursuit of quality is regarded as life.Timely solution to problems, pain points, no fear of difficulties.Product upgrades without limits, beyond the benchmark
Exceeding expectations
Guaranteed achievement of results.Give users a sense of surprise, transfer introduction.Let users repeat purchases.
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